Older Generations in Columbia co

It appears we descended from
Thomas Haywood 1745-1818
Hannah/Joannah (possibly Hannah Jones 1748-1839)
Thanks to Thomas’ will written in 1811, we know he had 14 children (2nd generation)
* I am gradually adding individual pages for these ancestors

Thomas Haywood Sr
& Hannah/Joannah Jones
1 John Haywood little info on his family
2 Thomas Haywood
Jr & Keziah Rogers
2-A Deborah Haywd 2-B Ann Haywood
2-C Harriet Haywd
2-D John Haywood
2-E Electa Haywood
2-F Daniel Haywood
2-G Amanda Haywd
2-H George Haywood
3 Hannah Haywood & Nathaniel Fuller St3-A Thomas Fuller
3-B John Fuller
3-C Lewis Fuller
3-D Dorcus Fuller 1st
3-E Hannah Fuller
3-F George Fuller
3-G Nelson Fuller
3-H Fletcher Fuller
3-I Lydia Fuller
3-J Thirza Fuller
3-K Dorcus Fuller 2nd
3-L Nathaniel Fuller Jr
4 Lewis Haywood Sr & Abigail Parrish4-A Sally Haywood
4-B Stephen Haywd
4-C Daniel Haywd Sr
4-D Chloe Haywood
4-E Betsey Haywood
4-F Milton Haywood
4-G Lewis Haywd Jr
4-H Martin Haywood
4-I Laury Haywood
4-J Joanna Haywood
4-K Almira Haywood
— 2nd marriage to Polly Bushnell4-L Polly Haywood
4-M Mary Haywood
4-N Josephus Haywd
5 William Haywood Sr & Birthina (unkn)5-A Thomas Haywd
5-B Deborah Haywd
5-C David Haywood
5-D William Haywd Jr
5-E Hester Haywood
5-F Phebe Haywood
6 Daniel Haywood & Sarah Morris6-A Morris Haywood
7 Lydia Haywood & Joshua Dakin7-A Thomas Dakin
7-B Rowene Dakin
7-C Lydia Dakin
7-D Mary Dakin
7-E Joshua Dakin
— 2nd marriage to Abner Bristol Jr7-F Stephen Bristol
7-G Susan Bristol
7-H John Bristol
8 Susannah Haywoodlittle info on her family
9 Mary Haywood & Rufus Potter Sr9-A Thomas Potter
9-B Rufus Potter Jr
9-C Uriah Potter
9-D Louis Potter Sr
9-E Edward Haywood Potter
10 Esther Haywoodlittle info on her family
11 Jane Haywoodlittle info on her family
12 Ruth Haywood & Jonathan Mosher12-A Melissa Mosher
12-B Marinda Mosher
12-C Morgan Mosher
12-D Martin Mosher
12-E Martha Mosher
12-F Matilda Mosher
12-G Milton Mosher
12-H Maria Mosher
12-I Maria Mosher
12-J Mercy Mosher
13 Charity Haywoodlittle info on her family
14 Rachael Haywoodlittle info on her family

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