Milton H Haywood

4th generation

There are a lot of question marks in Milton’s history, & there is a connection through here to the Confederate side in the Civil War through his 1st wife & her subsequent marriages. There are many things I can’t prove for sure, only guess. But it looks like he had 3 wives, having children with 2 of them. With the 1st wife, they either got divorced or had the marriage annulled, but they had a child together in Ohio. I’m wondering was this marriage frowned upon by the rest of the family? Or was the child actually born out of wedlock? She must be his daughter however, as she eventually had a grandcild named Milton Haywood Ball. So many questions!

Father: Lewis Haywood Sr
Mother: Abigail Parrish

Spouse (1) Ann Van Tassel

Children (1)
Sarah Jane Haywood

Spouse (2) Martha A Morey

Spouse (3) Frances Elizabeth Morey

Children (3)
Sarah E Haywood
Daniel E Haywood
John Morey Haywood
Charles H Haywood
Carrie Haywood

ABT 1814
Hillsdale, Columbia, New York

Hillsdale, Columbia, New York, United States
Lewis Heywood:MalesUnder 10: Martin (3) Lewis Jr (5) Milton (6) 10-15:2-Daniel (13), Stephen (15)
26-44:1-Lewis Sr (43)
Females – Under 10:2-Laura (1), Betsey (7)
10-15:2-Cloe (11), who??
16-25:1-Sally (16)
26-44:1-Abigail (35)
Source: census

He would have been about 16, not in the census with his father. Where was he?

ABT 1834
Ann Van Tassel
guess on date, Sarah was born in OH 1835 – did they get married in NY or OH? Were they in OH because the family didn’t approve? Or perhaps it was a child out of wedlock, thus why they left town?

this is where Sarah Jane was born

Martha A Morey
Article – lists her as his “1st wife”?
So either he didn’t actually marry Ann or their marriage was annulled.

Chatham, Columbia, New York, United States
Milton Haywood Males – 20 thru 29: 1 Milton (36?)
Females – 10 thru 14: 1 ??
20 thru 29: 3 which wife Martha/Frances?, F1, F2 – Milton’s sisters Betsey & Chloe? (ages don’t match, but neither does his)
Source: census

Frances E Morey
date per genealogy article above- she was his 2nd wife — – marriage proof is on son John’s death record, but it states his mom’s name as Sarah Morey ??

Chatham, Columbia, New York, USA
Milton Haywood 39 born Columbia co, in town 21 yr,
Frances Haywood 34 b Lewis co?, in town 10 years,
Sarah E Haywood 14 born Columbiia co, in town 10 years (likely Milton’s stepdaughter, Frances probably a widow with 1 child),
Daniel E Haywood 7 John M Haywood 3
Ann Van renselar 16 (black servant)
Source: census

Chatham, Columbia, New York, United States
Milton Haywood 45 Frances E Haywood 40 Sarah E Haywood 19 Daniel E Haywood 12 John M Haywood 8 Charles Haywood 4 Ann Van renselar 19-domestic
Source: census

Chatham, Columbia, New York, USA
Milton Haywood 51 born Dutchess co, 2nd marriage,
Francis E Haywood 43 born Lewis co, her 1st marriage, 5 children, Sarah E Haywood 24 Daniel E Haywood 17 John M Haywood 13 Charles H Haywood 9 Carrie B Haywood 3 all children born in Columbia co,
Ann Von Rensselaer 25-colored person not taxed
Source: census

21 Jun 1870
Chatham, Columbia, New York, USA
Milton Haywood – 96 improved acres 5 unimproved, $2000 farm worth, $300 tool,s $300 wages paid. 4 horses. 5 milk cows. 1 cattle. 2 ?. livestock $1100 value, 20 bu wheat, 120 rye, 200 corn, 100 buckwheat
Source: Agricultural census

Chatham, Columbia, New York, United States
Milton H Haywood 56 Francis E Haywood 48
Daniel E Haywood 22 John M Haywood 18 Charles H Haywood 13 Carrie I Haywood 8 Ann Van renselar 28 mulatto domestic servant, Forence Hughes 21 farm labor
Source: census

Chatham, Columbia Co., New York
on 1873 map of Chatham, South of Malden Bridge on current Howes Rd – across the road from 1st cousin Morris Haywood

1 June 1875
Chatham, Columbia, New York, USA
Milton H Haywood 64 born MA?, farmer,
Frances E Haywood 55 born Lewis co,
Daniel E Haywood 27 John M Haywood 23 Charles H Haywood 18 Carrie I Haywood 13
Ann Van Rensuer 32-mulatto servant

Malden Bridge (Chatham), Columbia co, New York
article – was trustee of Malden Bridge Methodist Episcopal church
more info on this church at
Source: usgenet,org

Nassau, Rensselaer, New York, USA
Milton Heyrond 65 farmer, Francis Heyrond 61
J. Carrie Heyrond 18 teaching school
Source: census

Spouse death
Brainard, Rensselaer, New York, USA
living here when 2nd wife died (is a hamlet in East Nassau), with son John M Haywood

May 1899
article – still living, visiting friends in Rayville (Chatham) area

23 Mar 1900
Brainard, Rensselaer, New York,,
death notice- age 86, died in Brainard
buried in Malden Bridge (Chatham) NY
Milton H Haywood Death Date: 23 Mar 1900 Death Place: Nassau, New York, USA

 Chatham Union Cemetery, Old Chatham, Columbia Co, New York