Mary Elizabeth Haywood & her twin sister

Birth of twins
28 Nov 1914
Mt Morris Livingston, New York
Haywood Gen’y – born at Barney Beuerlein farm on Begole Rd, only 1 twin survived
Source: Haywood Genealogy, 1915 census

01 Jun 1915
Mount Morris, Livingston, New York
Albert Haywood 44 Lucie Haywood 42 Fannie C Haywood 22 Albert Haywood 18 George Haywood 16 David Haywood 11 Charlotte Haywood 7 John Haywood 3 Elizabeth Haywood 6/12
Source: census

Death of Mary Elizabeth
Mt Morris, Livingston, New York
Source: Haywood Genealogy

Mt Morris cemetery, Mt Morris, Livingston co, New York
her parents were later buried with her
Source: Haywood Genealogy

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