Fannie Haywood Dukelow

6th generation

Father: Albert David “Bert” Haywood
Mother: Lucy Jane Marshall

Spouse: Frederick Samuel Dukelow

Eugene Dukelow
Ward Dukelow Sr
Evelyn Dukelow
Arthur Dukelow
Edith Dukelow

Castile, Wyoming, New York
Albert age 30-born Oct 1870 (??) farmer renting farm, Lucy 28-born Sept 1872 parents born in Eng, married 8 yrs, Fannie 8, Rubie 6, Albert 3, Georgie 5 mo
Source: census

she quit high school to help her mother care for siblings after Peg was born
Source: Haywood Genealogy

BEF 1909
 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Haywood Gen’y: living with parents corner Chapel & Walnut St, Fred passed house to/from work, Fannie decided to introduce herself, yelled “hello” from bedroom window
Source: Haywood Genealogy

27 Sep 1909
 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Fred Dukelow
at home of minister, witnesses DA Marshall (her uncle) & Mrs Albert Haywood (mother)
Source: Haywood Genealogy, co & state marriage records

 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Fred Dukelow 27 Fannie B Dukelow 17
Source: census

1 June 1915
 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Fred Dukelow 33 Jennie Dukelow 29 Eugere Dukelow 5 Ward Dukelow 2 Ereline Dukelow 1
Source: census

20 July 1920
 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Mrs Fannie Beatrice Dukelow Maiden Name: Haywood b 26 Sep 1892 Bennington Center NY Baptism 20 Jul 1920 St. John’s Church, Mount Morris, NY Parents Albert D & Lucy Jane Haywood same day as bap of ch Ward, Evelyn & Arthur
Source: New York Episcopal Diocese of Rochester Church Records,

 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Fred Dukelow 36 Fannie Dukelow 27 Eugenne F Dukelow 10 Ward H Dukelow 7 Rose M Mann 1 [1 6/12]
Source: census

BEF 1925
 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Haywood Gen’y: tornado destroyed schoolhouse across Begole Rd, Fannie let teacher hold school at her house until school rebuilt year or 2 later
Source: Haywood Genealogy

1 June 1925
 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Fred S Dukelow 42 Fanny B Dukelow 32 Eugen F Dukelow 15 Ward V Dukelow 13 Enjlin J Dukelow 10 Arthur J Dukelow 07
Source: census

 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Fred S Dubelow 47 laborer at grain farm, Fanney D Dubelow 37 Eugene F Dubelow 19 labourer at grain farm, Evelyn J Dubelow 15 Arthur J Dubelow 12 – Begole Rd
Source: census

1 Apr 1940
 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
Fred Dukelow 50 Fannie Dukelow 48 Arthur Dukelow 22 – Creek Rd
Source: census

Various residences
AFT 1952
 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
after Fred went in nursing home, she lived in house owned by Joe Cottone on Creek rd, then Francis George’s tenant house (in 1953 on Dutch St Rd), back to Cottone’s hosue, then to Rose Palma’s house in town on Lake St
Source: Haywood Genealogy

 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
moved to Ethel Westcott’s house on Eagle St, then to 2nd farm owned by dau Evelyn & family-Creek Rd 1961
Source: Haywood Genealogy

 Mt Morris, Livingston Co., New York
when son-in-law Bill died, she moved off farm to Ann Genduso’s house, Stanley St-downstairs apt
Source: Haywood Genealogy

Various Residences
Livingston Co., New York
betw 1967-77 lived with Evelyn (Dansville?), then Dorothy Donovan, then nursing home in Nunda, back to nursing home in Geneseo, where she died
Source: Haywood Genealogy

14 Oct 1977
Geneseo, Livingston Co., New York
obit – d in Livingston co Infirmary in Geneseo, mentions late husband Fred Dukelow, dau Evelyn (Paul) Puglia (Dansville), son Ward (Mt Morris), bro David (Springwater), John (Mt Morris), Earl (Dansville)
Source: Social Security Death Index

Mt Morris cemetery, Mt Morris, Livingston co, New York

Fannie’s Descendants

  • Beatrice Vera “Fannie” Haywood
  •   m Frederick Samuel Dukelow
  • They had 5 children
  • 1 Eugene Dukelow
  •      m Helen Northrup
    • Edith Dukelow 
    • m  John Levee
      • Joy Levee      
      •   m Ronald Rowe
      •  James “Jimmie” Levee
    • Mary Dukelow 
    • m Bruce Harter Sr
      • Bruce Harter Jr         
      •  m  Susan Feathers
      •  m Theresa McDermott
        • Violet Harter
        • Bruce Harter III
      • Jeffrey Harter           
      • m Leslie Armstrong
      • m Laurie Goodvo
        • Jeffrey Armstrong
        • m Jenlfer (unkn)
      • Shirley Harter
      • m Brian Taylor
        • Brandy Taylor       
        •  David Taylor          
        • Jennifer Taylor      
      •  David Harter
      • Michael Harter         
      •  m unknown spouse
        • Marshall Harter
      • Timothy Harter
      • Ronald Harter          
      • m unknown spouse
        • Meghan Harter
    • Sharon Dukelow         
    • m Gary McBride
      • Justin McBride         
      • m unknown spouse        
        • Nicholas McBride
      • m Richard Garwood Sr
        • Lori Garwood
        • Richard Garwood Jr
        • Stephanie Garwood
  • 2 Ward Dukelow Sr
  • m Mildred Hendershott
    • Ward “Jerry” Dukelow Jr        
    • m Joann Dorenberger
      • Nancy Dukelow         
      • Barbara Dukelow    
    • Larry Dukelow 
    • died age 3      
    • Judy Dukelow  
    • m Peter Scorsone
      • Janice Scorsone        
      • died at birth
      • Anthony “Tony” Scorsone   
      • Michael Scorsone    
  • 3 Evelyn Dukelow  
  • m William Waterhouse
  • m  Paul Puglia
    • Richard Waterhouse  
    • m Carol Rose
      • William Waterhouse
      • m Sheri Anderson
      •  Lori Waterhouse      
      • m Jeffrey Cheal
        • Jennifer Cheal       
        • Benjamin Cheal     
    • Donna Waterhouse     
    •  m John Alise Jr
      • Dawn Alise    
      • Diane Alise    
      • John Alise III  
      •  m Pamela Hayes
        • Amanda Alise        
        • Lindsay Alise          
        • Holli Alise   
      • Joann Alise   
      • m Brett VanDuser
        • Brett VanDuser
        • Rachel VanDuser
      • Dennis Alise  
      • m Maria Rivera  
    • Elizabeth Waterhouse          
    • m Frederick Smallenburg
    •  m Kenneth Roof
    • m William Layman
      • Debra Roof   
      • m David Allensworth
  • 4 Arthur Dukelow 
  • killed WW2
  •  5 Edith Dukelow    
  • died 2 days old

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