Launch day!

Today is the day, I’m officially launching my site. I’ve wanted to make something like this for quite some time, but it just took me awhile to figure out how to do it the way I wanted it done. After a lot of searching, I did find programs & such that were designed to build genealogy websites. I actually thought I had found the perfect one…till I looked up reviews & found out the company wasn’t responding to customers any more & so forth, sigh… So forget the programs, I’ll just do it myself (I was always a stubborn one, I’m sure my family would attest to that!).

So now I get to share my “dead people stalking” with others! That’s what my kids call it – are you stalking dead people again,, Mom? They put up with my hobby. I haven’t made them follow me through any cemeteries…yet… But they put up with me excitedly talking about some new discovery. Guess they are paying me back for all the episodes of preteen TV shows I watched with them!

I hope you all will look around, send me any corrections or additions & even any suggestions for this site. Stay in touch & enjoy Haywood Cousins!